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India_Face_Jodhpur_5925 – Kopi
In thoughts…

India_Face_Jodhpur_6049 – Kopi
Sunrise at the roof top of Hotel Nirvana in Jodhpur.

India_Face_Jodhpur_6074 – Kopi

India_Face_Jodhpur_6092 – Kopi
Dining area, Hotel Nirvana

India_Face_Jodhpur_6232 – Kopi
I took pictures for two hotels in India, Hotel Lajwanti in Palanpur and Hotel The Blue House in Jodhpur.
Mural in Hotel The Blue House.

India_Face_Jodhpur_6860 – Kopi
Decorating the street with coloured powder.

India_Face_Jodhpur_6604 – Kopi
Like many other places in India, widows get paid a few coins for singing devotional songs in a temple.

India_Face_Jodhpur_6791 – Kopi
He is sharpening knives and scissors.
People must be inventive to find a way of making money and survive.

India_Face_Jodhpur_6736 – Kopi
This bent tree stands within the walls of the fort in Jodhpur.

India_Face_Jodhpur_6734 – Kopi
She is offering water to tourists and hoping to get a few coins in return.

India_Face_Jodhpur_6744 – Kopi
The fortress in Jodhpur seems to be invincible.

India_Face_Jodhpur_6561 – Kopi
The Blue City, Jodhpur.

India_Face_Jodhpur_6386 – Kopi
A well-known landmark in Jodhpur, the clock tower. Can you see the moon?

India_Face_Jodhpur_5813 – Kopi
The clock tower at sunset.

India_Face_Jodhpur_6361 – Kopi

India_Face_Jodhpur_6293 – Kopi
Textil business is important in Jodhpur.

India_Face_Jodhpur_6246 – Kopi
Women digging trenches

India_Face_Jodhpur_5853 – Kopi

India_Face_Mandawa_9354 – Kopi
From the little town Mandawa in Shekhawati district, Rajasthan.

India_Face_Mandawa_9274 – Kopi
Waiting for customers.

India_Face_Mandawa_9265 – Kopi

India_Face_Mandawa_8004 – Kopi
Stop for water…

India_Face_Mandawa_1015 – Kopi

India_Face_Mandawa_7926 – Kopi
The atrium in Hotel Radhika Haveli. Havelis are mansions or rich tradesmen’s houses in Shekhawati. Many are made into hotels.

India_Face_Mandawa_7977 – Kopi
Bedroom in Radhika Haveli.

Sitting area in my room in Radhika Haveli.

Photography is also about selection and omission. This is unfortunately a very common sight in India.

Portrait of old farmer near Palanpor.